Guy Loses 40 Millions Shorting BTC forex | SFS79 – Price For Trader

As usual, after ATH there has to be some rebound, lets see what happens now. BitFinex drives this price and i remind – making leverage there is really cheap and risk is not big – just 2,25%. Yolo trades are from BitMEXwhere you can do up to x50.
So if you are unsure of direction BFX is the spot if you feel sure.. BitMEX for fast trade and exit. I used to have longs open on BFX for literally weeks. If after registration you wont know how sites work.. ive made plenty tutorials here. Just browse my posts to find them + surely you have missed something else thats interesting too.

Today on OKCoin chinese trading platform someone lost a bet.. big bet. 40 millions dollars he was shorting went.. south. BTCs raise is not a good day for everyone.

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